The Baby Room

Our Baby Room has been carefully designed to be a true “home-from-home” for your baby. This helps them to feel secure as they take in their new surroundings and transition from home to join our Educare family.

With facilities to care for babies from six weeks old, our emphasis is on introducing our youngest children to new experiences, sights and sounds while providing the comfort, security and love they need.

Our Facilities

The cleanliness of our baby rooms is apparent throughout, as is our commitment to resourcing them with an abundance of toys, equipment and educational materials.

The cleanliness of our Baby Room is apparent throughout; our practitioners take pride in maintaining a clean and safe environment for our babies to explore. We also take great care and are committed to resourcing all of the areas our babies’ access with high quality furniture and toys.

Quiet snuggly areas and peaceful cot rooms allow our babies to get their golden rest time after hours of fun and play without being disturbed. Practicality is key, which is why our Baby Room also has en-suite changing facilities, where we provide high quality nappies, wipes and cream included in our prices. There is also an en-suite kitchenette where baby’s bottles can be stored and warmed safely as well as medicines stored out of reach.

Alongside our Baby Room with cot room and changing facilities, our babies access our Art Studio. This is a separate space perfectly designed for all those messy experiences babies need to develop. They also have access to our nursery garden where we encourage our babies to join in with outdoor activities and enjoy some fresh air.

Your Baby’s Development

At Educare, we recognise that the most important teachers in a baby’s life are their parents or guardians. We adopt a partnership approach by assigning each child a key worker; they will keep you up to date with your baby’s experiences and progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. They will provide you with regular written updates on your child’s progress and we hold a Parents Evening to allow you to discuss your child’s development in more detail. The practitioners at Educare keep daily diaries for each of our babies, recording the activities they have been introduced to, and encouraging good communication between the nursery and home. This is another vital line of communication, giving you peace of mind that your baby is in the best place to thrive.

Our bespoke and personal induction process allows you to share your baby’s interests, sleeping pattern, and eating habits with our knowledgeable practitioners. Our practitioners listen to your baby’s interests and provide toys that will encourage them to excel in their development. We tune into a mixture of educational approaches, taking parts from Reggio and Steiner with a sprinkle of Montessori. We also follow The Curiosity Approach which is a modern day approach to Early Childhood. For more information on the Curiosity Approach see our inspiration tab on our webpage.

 Babies in our Baby Room also benefit from taking part in daily Baby Moves Sessions. For more information on the benefits of these sessions or to book on a public class see the tab on our webpage.

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