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What Our Customers Think

“So far I have found Educare for Early Years fantastic, I feel comfortable and happy leaving my child here. All the baby room staff, for me, have been superb. I am very grateful for their support and professionalism”.

Parents of Jessica, aged 12 months

“Isabel loves nursery and is making excellent progress. I find all the staff friendly and approachable and I am always made to feel valued. My husband and I go to work happy and secure in the knowledge that Isabel is receiving first class care”.

Parents of Isabel, aged 2

I honestly can’t believe how wonderful the Bury team have been! He absolutely loves nursery to pieces and it’s like a home away from home! The staff are all lovely and nothing is ever too much to ask from them.

Facebook review October 2017

From the moment I stepped through the door I knew this was the right place to start my sons education. The team are fantastic, committed and have everything under control. My son has developed in every sense and most importantly he’s happy and content.

Facebook review February 2016

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Educare for Early Years

Educare for Early Years Children’s Nurseries takes a fresh approach to childcare, by providing a fun, safe environment where the emphasis is on care, learning and development. We believe learning and care go hand-in-hand and our team of friendly and professional staff is dedicated to supporting your child’s progression during the crucial early years.
Educare for Early Years
Educare for Early Years5 months ago

There are good reasons why children gravitate towards play dough, finger painting, building blocks, threading beads, balancing on logs, and many other play activities before they become interested in handwriting.

Children experience progressive development of their hands and require development of postural control, grasp, fine motor skills, upper and core body strength, proprioceptor control and visual motor integration prior to, and during, the development of writing skills.

Below are some telling x-rays of a child with developed hands at approximately 7 years old side-by-side with x-rays from a younger child during the Early Years Foundation Stage (approximately 3 years old)

The physiology of young children’s hands needs to be taken into consideration. There are physical reasons children go through the phases of palmar supinate, digital pronate, static tripod and eventually to dynamic tripod. Children also have to develop upper and core body strength and proprioceptor control in addition to fine motor control.

It’s worth noting that it’s not just the size of the child’s hand which changes. The younger child has cartilage which will eventually become bone through the process of endochronal ossification. This occurs around the ages of 6-8yrs. - This can be seen on the images quite clearly

🏠 Our advice to parents is to think about developing both gross and fine motor skills alongside mark-making skills. Here are some ideas for home 🏠

Activities to develop Postural Control:
🥏 Playing on playground equipment such as swings, climbing frames and merry- go-rounds
🥏 Construct obstacle courses that require crawling and climbing
🥏 Play ‘Twister’ or ‘Simon Says’ (using odd body parts such as standing on one
leg, or balancing on one foot and one hand)
🥏 Play with balls or beanbags whilst the child is sitting, kneeling, half-kneeling, squatting and standing
🥏 Jumping on a trampoline

Activities to Develop Grasp and Fine Motor Skills:
🧶 Building blocks
🧶 Pegboard activities
🧶 Lacing or threading activities
🧶 Using tweezers or tongs to pick up small objects
🧶 Craft activities, including collages, paper mache, glueing and cutting

Activities to Develop a Tripod Grasp:
🛠 Placing clothes pegs/bulldog clips around the edge of a container
🛠 Picking up small objects using tongs and then tweezers
🛠 Threading beads
🛠 Picking up cards
🛠 Fill a medicine dropper (or mini turkey baster) with paint and drop onto paper

Activities to Develop Visual Motor Integration and Copying of Basic Pre-writing Shapes:
—Developing Copying Skills—
💭 Copy patterns using building blocks, matchsticks, coins, buttons, pegboards. Make it harder by taking away the original and asking the child to copy it from memory
💭 Copy basic shapes and patterns using playdough, drawing in sand, using pipecleaners
💭 Mazes
💭 Tracing activities.

—Developing Copying of Pre-Writing Shapes (using pre-writing shapes for the following activities):
🤾🏻‍♀️ Walk along a rope, string, or taped line
🤾🏼‍♂️ Follow-the-leader in different shapes
🤾🏽‍♀️ Making your own body look like the different shapes
🤾🏾‍♂️Finger painting with shaving cream, paint, cornflour and water
🤾‍♂️ Sand drawing with sticks, fingers, rakes or spades
Educare for Early Years
Educare for Early Years5 months ago
🍎🥦 FREE weaning webinar with Charlotte from SR Nutrition 🥦🍎
Educare for Early Years
Educare for Early Years5 months ago

Tomorrow is the big day when primary school allocations are announced.

Please see the links to the Bury Council & Lancashire Council websites below explaining how you will be notified.

⭐️We want to start preparing for your child’s transition as soon as possible so please do let us know when you have found out. If you haven’t got your first choice and want any advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch⭐️

We’re lucky to have good links with lots of the local primary schools to help make your childs transition as smooth as possible ❤️



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