We are Educare for Early Years Day Nurseries

Providing a fun, safe environment where the emphasis is on care, learning and development.

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Walshaw Road
Bury BL8 1PL

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Mill Bank
Manchester M26 1AJ

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New Hall Hey Rd
Rossendale BB4 6HL

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Damson Close
Brockhall Village
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What Our Customers Think

“So far I have found Educare for Early Years fantastic, I feel comfortable and happy leaving my child here. All the baby room staff, for me, have been superb. I am very grateful for their support and professionalism”.

Parents of Jessica, aged 12 months

“Isabel loves nursery and is making excellent progress. I find all the staff friendly and approachable and I am always made to feel valued. My husband and I go to work happy and secure in the knowledge that Isabel is receiving first class care”.

Parents of Isabel, aged 2

I honestly can’t believe how wonderful the Bury team have been! He absolutely loves nursery to pieces and it’s like a home away from home! The staff are all lovely and nothing is ever too much to ask from them.

Facebook review October 2017

From the moment I stepped through the door I knew this was the right place to start my sons education. The team are fantastic, committed and have everything under control. My son has developed in every sense and most importantly he’s happy and content.

Facebook review February 2016

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Educare for Early Years

Educare for Early Years Children’s Nurseries takes a fresh approach to childcare, by providing a fun, safe environment where the emphasis is on care, learning and development. We believe learning and care go hand-in-hand and our team of friendly and professional staff is dedicated to supporting your child’s progression during the crucial early years.
Educare for Early Years
Educare for Early Years2 days ago
Stay safe everyone ❤️
Educare for Early Years
Educare for Early Years3 days ago
⭐️Home Learning Activity⭐️

Here’s a lovely little activity to end the week from Alistair Bryce-Clegg at ABC Does.
We have mini me’s of the children and family photos in our rooms at nursery. The children use them daily to talk about themselves, their friends and their families.

At a time when everyone is missing loved ones and our littlest people don’t understand why they can’t visit friends & family, these mini me figures might just help them express these big emotions. Expressing feelings and acting out experiences through role play & small world play is something children do from a really young age and continue to do all the way through childhood. It helps process and regulate these emotions as well as digest & interpret experiences.

You can use a photograph or print a photo.
We use jenga blocks, toilet roll tubes & yacult bottles to stick the photos on so they stand up
You can laminate first and attach with glue or tape or put the photo straight on and cover completely in tape to seal it ❤️
Educare for Early Years
Educare for Early Years4 days ago
⭐️Home learning activities ⭐️

We thought we’d give you a few fun Farm / Easter themed snack & meal ideas today.
If anyone is looking for fruit/veg boxes Plentiful: Plastic free shop are doing them as well as Scott Stewart's Fruit and Veg Blackburn Market. There’s also no time like the present to shop local and use your local milkman for supplies, most do more than just milk now too 🥛🥚🥦🍎🥕

Easy Playdoh

Playdoh is so easy to make and can provide hours of fun for toddlers and pre-school children. Getting creative and hands-on really helps to stretch youngsters’ imaginations and you can also use playdoh to teach children skills such as sharing...

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Egg Painting

Children can let their imaginations run wild by inventing crazy and fun designs for their eggs. Simply hard boil eggs and allow to cool, before painting with food colouring or water-based pens. Use material and string to add clothes and hair to...

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