Playdoh is so easy to make and can provide hours of fun for toddlers and pre-school children. Getting creative and hands-on really helps to stretch youngsters’ imaginations and you can also use playdoh to teach children skills such as sharing and colour recognition. Just follow our simple recipe to get started!

Playdoh Recipe

4 Cups for flour

2 Cups of salt

8 Teaspoons of cream of tartar

4 Tablespoons of oil

4 Cups of water

As many different food colourings as you wish!


First mix the flour, salt and cream of tartar, then add the oil and mix well. Add a few drops of food colouring to the water, before adding one cup to the mix at a time, stirring well. Place into the microwave for three minutes, stir well and microwave for a further three minutes. Leave the mix to stand and cool down, before kneading the dough. If it is still sticky, pop the dough back in the microwave for a further two minutes. Don’t forget to wait for it to cool before kneading! You should now have the perfect playdoh mix! Why not add glitter when preparing to give the playdoh an extra bit of sparkle!


A little something extra to get those senses going…

Add essences such as almond, strawberry and vanilla to the dough can make it smell lovely

flavoured tea or coffee, either mix the tea bag with the cups of water or pour the contents of the teabag in to the dough

add lemon or orange juice (include this juice in the cups of water) and add the rind to the dough for texture


Why not try these different resources with playdoh and watch your child’s imagination run wild!

rolling pins


weighing scales

baking tins

baking cases, paper or rubber


scissors (playdoh is great for helping children to practice their scissor skills!)

small tubs/trays/plates

Knives and forks (not sharp ones though!)