You will need:

An empty plastic bottle- any size or shape

An odd sock or glove -we all have plenty of these!

An elastic band

Washing up liquid

A tub


A pair of scissors


How to make it:

1. Using the scissors, cut the bottom of the bottle off.

2. Put the sock over the bottom of the bottle so it it taught around the bottom.

3. put the elastic band over the bottle and sock to secure the sck in place.

4. Put some washing up liquid into a tub and add a little water.

5. Dip the sock end of the bottle into the water and blow bubbles!!!!


The fun is endless! Children find it easier to blow these bubbles and they can catch and stamp on them!!

Did you know that blowing is good for speech!! The formation of the mouth muscles used to blow are the same used for speech, so get bubble blowing everyone!


Why not try some coloured bubbles? dip your sock into food colouring before the washig up liquid and watch your colourful bubbles blow!