Here’s a lovely little activity to end the week from Alistair Bryce-Clegg at ABC Does.

We have mini me’s of the children and family photos in our rooms at nursery. The children use them daily to talk about themselves, their friends and their families.

At a time when everyone is missing loved ones and our littlest people don’t understand why they can’t visit friends & family, these mini me figures might just help them express these big emotions. Expressing feelings and acting out experiences through role play & small world play is something children do from a really young age and continue to do all the way through childhood. It helps process and regulate these emotions as well as digest & interpret experiences.

You can use a photograph or print a photo.
We use jenga blocks, toilet roll tubes & yacult bottles to stick the photos on so they stand up
You can laminate first and attach with glue or tape or put the photo straight on and cover completely in tape to seal it ❤️