You can use plastic animals, animal flashcards, online images, wooden spoons with animal pictures on, soft toys or anything else you can think of!

•Name & practice the sounds of the animals.
•Naming adult and baby animals and matching them up
•Matching two sets of same animals & counting the totals
•Game of ‘snap’ using animal pictures.
•Play games – start by saying ‘I am pink, have a curly tail and make this sound. Who am I?’ When confident children can take turns too.
•Practise vocabulary – emphasise words such as
hooves, fur, tails, horns, fleece.
•Ask open questions – ‘tell me about your pictures’.
•Play clips of animal sounds for listening bingo – identify pictures of animals, children cover up picture of animal when they hear the sound of that animal the first to hear all the animals on their board shouts BINGO
•Look at the machines used on the farm. Types of tractors and harvesting equiptment
•Sings songs – Old MacDonald, Five little ducks went swimming one day.
•Go for a walk and tick off all the animals you see on a checklist

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